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The Falcoholic midseason awards: Offensive Player of the Year

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Who would you choose?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

In a disaster of a season, it can be a comfort to look on the bright side. That’s what we’re doing with our midseason awards here at The Falcoholic.

We’re kicking things off with the player who stands out as the Falcons’ Offensive Player of the Year so far this season.

Austin Hooper’s emerged as one of the best TEs in the NFL

There aren’t many bright spots this season, but Hooper has been one. He’s been a reliable target for Matt Ryan and a fantasy must-start. His 591 yards and five touchdowns so far this season have made the Falcons easier to watch. - Jeanna Thomas

Julio Jones remains great

Austin Hooper has truly broken out a year after truly breaking out, but I’m still sticking with Julio Jones. Nobody creates more opportunities by his simple presence than Julio, and you just have to watch him run a few routes in the average game to see how hard it is for even the game’s elite cornerbacks to shut him down. During an off year for just about everyone not named Grady Jarrett or Hooper, Julio has been brilliant and will continue to be brilliant, and that’s worth something to me. - Dave Choate

Matt Ryan, The Broken

Sure, he’s injured right now thanks to yet another disaster at offensive line. Despite yet another egregious run game, an even worse run game, and some truly confusing play calling, Ryan has battled to be one of the only consistent and truly great parts of this awful, awful team. He may not get much respect, but without him this would truly be one of the most putrid teams in NFL history. - Matt Chambers

Matt Ryan represents continued excellence

In a season that’s looked like some twisted mashup of 2013 and 2014 — no run game, a putrid offensive line, stale coaching — Matt Ryan has done his part while most everything around him has crumbled. Even though he missed the past five quarters of play, Ryan is still top 10 in the NFL in passing yards and top five in passing touchdowns. Sure, we would all like to see a lower interception figure, but that’s kind of what happens when you ask your quarterback to be the sole generator of offense. - Adnan Ikic

It has to be Matt Ryan

With the team crumbling around him on a weekly basis, Matt Ryan has continued to play at a high level. Despite the Falcons having absolutely no running game, an injury-ridden offensive line that seems to cycle in new starters every week, and an offensive coordinator who seems determined to erase all vestiges of the West Coast/Shanahan-style offense in favor of his own antiquated scheme, Ryan was leading the league in most passing statistics prior to his injury. Cherish him while he’s here, folks. - Kevin Knight