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Adrian Clayborn leaves the game with a groin injury

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The Falcons didn’t escape the game against Carolina unscathed

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have won back to back games for the first time this season, beating the Panthers 29-3 to complete a run of back to back road domination against the top two teams in the NFC South.

Unfortunately, the Falcons did not make it out of the game unscathed. Adrian Clayborn suffered a groin injury which knocked him out of the end of the game.

Clayborn finished the day with two sacks, and the Falcons defense racked up five sacks and four takeaways in total.

Hopefully this was just a precaution and Clayborn will be ok moving forward, as he was not the only pass rusher to be injured during the game. Clayborn got more snaps, in part because Takk McKinley went down with an injury earlier on. While McKinley returned later in the game, these injuries should be monitored over the coming week. If the Falcons pass rush is going to continue getting home, they’ll need both of these guys healthy to finish off the season.