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Takkarist McKinley injures left shoulder after sack, questionable to return

His shoulder looks... bad.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Bad news for the suddenly stout Falcons defensive line: Takkarist McKinley looks to have suffered a serious injury.

McKinley has had an uneven season. He has been getting a good amount of pressure, and may lead the league in “almost” sacks. He had only 0.5 sacks through 9 games, sharing a sack way back in Week 3 against the Indianapolis Colts.

He finally got his first full sack of the season, taking down Carolina Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen. It should be a moment for celebration. On the way down, McKinley braced for impact by stretching out his left arm. An offensive lineman was falling on top of McKinley, and brought down a lot of force on that arm and shoulder.

McKinley was clearly hurt immediately, and walked off clearly favoring his left arm/shoulder. It is bad news for a player desperately needing to break out. Shoulder injuries are not typically quick to rehabilitate. The rest of his 2019 season may be in doubt.

We will update his status but it would be surprising if he is able to return to the game.

Update 1.0: McKinley does not look like he is returning to the game, but the good news is he has avoided heading to the locker room.

Update 2.0: More potentially good news.


Takk McKinley looks to be ok, as he is back on the field to begin the second half.