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Burning Falcons vs. Panthers questions, Week 11: Can Atlanta repeat last week’s performance?

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It’d be nice if they did, if only to make watching bearable.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are going for their third win of 2019 in a road tilt with the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

It’s a bit weird to be saying that, if only because none of us could’ve seen this season coming. But none of us saw Sunday’s trouncing of the excellent Saints, either. At this point, it all feels a bit up in the air as to how this will go the rest of the way out.

Our minds go to if the team can keep this up against a Carolina Panthers team that still has a winning record without quarterback Cam Newton.

The Panthers have perhaps the league’s best running back in Christian McCaffrey, who is absolutely dangerous on the ground and in the passing attack. QB Kyle Allen isn’t a superstar, but he’s done an admirable job under center this season.

The defense in Carolina is pretty decent, if not elite, so they’ll present problems. But the focus has to be McCaffrey. If the Falcons can slow him down just a bit, they might have a chance Sunday.

This won’t be the world’s most exciting game by any means, and more wins admittedly complicate Atlanta’s quest for a top draft pick. Wins also give us something to watch and something the team can feel positive about.

Yes, 2-14 seasons are fun for mock drafts, but they aren’t morale boosters for locker rooms. It might benefit the team to win a few down the stretch, if only to keep everyone’s hopes up and prevent fracturing ahead of perhaps a more successful 2020.

We’ll call this a coin flip for Sunday. Atlanta is 2-7 and Carolina is 5-4 with a backup quarterback, with portends to this being a hard Panthers slant for victory.

But we thought that about New Orleans last week, too, and the Falcons proved us wrong.

Maybe they’ll do just that this week, too. Who knows at this point? Anything feels possible, for good or for ill.