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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Nov. 13

Fact: Austin Hooper’s house puts up its own Christmas lights

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons aren’t the team we hoped they would be headed into this season. They have sorely disappointed us. Shame on them. Shaaaaaame. But that’s life, especially life as a Falcons fan. So the fact that the Falcons demolished the Saints on Sunday — it’s, well, it’s wonderful.

So say goodbye a little longer, make it last a little longer, give your breath long-lasting freshness, with our links!

We beat the Saints

That win taught us some valuable lessons; in fact, it taught us at least 5 things. And to be frank, we here at the Falcoholic were pretty hyped about the victory. Remember, this is a team we thought we knew headed into the regular season. We thought it was infused with talent. But given how the season has played out, maybe this roster is less talented than it seemed. Then again, maybe the Falcons finally played up to their potential during Sunday’s win over the Saints.

Speaking of that miraculous win, you can now be the proud owner of an awesome red and black “We Dat” shirt.

Want to see what a successful game plan looks like? Well, in terms of the personnel you deploy, look no further than this week’s snap counts. This week’s editions of “hat tips and head scratchers” had a lot more hat tippin’ than head scratchin’, if you catch my drift. Looking around the NFC South, the Panthers lost but the Buccaneers won.

This and that

It’s largely a meaningless game but having Falcons selected to play in the Pro Bowl always warms the heart. You should go vote, immediately! Speaking of novelty football games, the Falcons were officially tabbed to play the role of a “home team” in next season’s international series. It’s not clear yet whether they will play in the UK or Mexico, but they’re officially signed up to participate.

Given that Devonta Freeman is expected to miss some time with a sprained foot and Ito Smith has already landed on injured reserve, the Falcons elected to add running back Craig Reynolds to their practice squad yesterday.