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What Panthers position group would you add to the Falcons for Week 11?

Christian McCaffrey has to be pretty tempting.

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Last week, the Falcons proved they did not need to swipe Cam Jordan or Erik McCoy from the Saints in order to beat them. I hope the same will be true of the Panthers and their stars, but we’re still gonna imagine adding their best position grouping to this roster because hey dreams are fun.

For the Panthers, it’s not quite as straightforward as it was for the Saints because their strengths don’t match up quite as well with our favorite team’s most pressing needs. Center Matt Paradis, the much-ballyhooed free agent addition for this team, has mostly been quite good but also has found himself on the receiving end of a “driven back into the quarterback” sentence in a game recap this year. Cornerback and safety are both positions that are much stronger now than they were even a year or two in Carolina, but I’m not sure I’m taking Donte Jackson if it means having to import all the other uninspiring options at CB for the Panthers.

What does that leave? Chiefly pass rushing linebackers/defensive ends. The Falcons don’t run a traditional 3-4 the way Carolina does most weeks, but they’d happily import Brian Burns, Mario Addison, Bruce Irvin and promising rookie Christian Miller today, chiefly because Burns looks like a great-in-the-making. With the running back depth chart also incredibly banged up in Atlanta, replacing the current group with the stellar Christian McCaffrey, the productive Reggie Bonnafon, and the promising Jordan Scarlett probably seems awful tempting.

Ultimately, I’d go for the pass rusher group, because Burns already looks special and the rest of those guys are at least solid enough to tide the Falcons over. How about you?