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Commemorate the Falcons win over the Saints with a “We Dat” t-shirt

Get yours before Thanksgiving, when regret may set in.

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For one brief, shining moment, the Falcons fanbase is flying high. That win over the Saints will nourish us for at least this week, and if the wins prove to be elusive the rest of the way, it may be the one truly great day we get this year. That was awfully depressing to type.

To celebrate, Falcons fans at BreakingT (yes, they do exist) have whipped up a new t-shirt design. Because Saints fans love to ask “Who Dat?” because they are uncertain about who, exactly, that is, BreakingT has provided a t-shirt that answers that question pretty emphatically. The Falcons, by virtue of having beaten the Saints 26-9 in their own stadium, can claim “We Dat.” At least until Thanksgiving, when a revenge-minded Saints team will be heading to Atlanta.

If you’re interested, you can buy the shirt right here. Be sure to get yours before Thanksgiving, just in case.