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Podcast: Falcons pull off the huge upset against the Saints in New Orleans

The Saints couldn’t even get a touchdown against one of the worst defenses in the league.

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In a season that is virtually lost for the Falcons, it’s hard to find things to be excited about. Even winning a game here and there does little to bring you joy. However, games against the Saints are the noted exception.

The rivalry between these two teams has always ensured that the record goes out the window. Forget the stats. Forget the injuries. These matchups always go off script.

And so it was with the Falcons victory in New Orleans on Sunday. To talk about it, Jeanna Thomas (noted Saints trash talker) joined Evan Birchfield and me to talk about this impressive upset win. Topics include:

  • The Falcons offense doing just enough to pull in the victory, including valiant efforts from guys like Matt Ryan and Brian Hill
  • Why this could be a big building block game for Kaleb McGary, as he mostly stifled Cameron Jordan for the day
  • The six — count them — six sacks from the Falcons defense which came into this game with only seven for the season
  • Why Grady Jarrett deserves every penny he got AND MORE

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