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Austin Hooper limps heavily and leaves field after Demario Davis tackle

Hooper went immediately to the medical tent.

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The top tight end in the league in 2019 took a low hit in the 4th quarter against the New Orleans Saints. Matt Ryan was heavily pressured on third down, resulting in a short check down to Austin Hooper.

Usually, those still turn out pretty well. Demario Davis, already heading to a turning Hooper while being blocked, ended up hitting Hooper low. The tackle did not look bad, but Hooper went to the ground and was in obvious discomfort.

Hooper limped heavily off the field and went immediately to the medical tent. After only a few minutes, he went to the bench. He did not come back into the game or go to the locker room. Hooper had 52 receptions for 591 receptions and 5 touchdowns this season, leading all tight ends in each respective category.