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Arthur Blank won’t make coaching change for Falcons right now

Dan Quinn’s seat has to be pretty toasty after Sunday’s loss, but Blank’s giving him time to get it right.

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans are mostly in agreement that it’s time for a coaching change. But owner Arthur Blank doesn’t agree.

Blank told reporters following Sunday’s embarrassing 53-32 loss to the Texans that Dan Quinn and his staff are safe for now.

Of course this team has the talent to turn things around, and the coaching staff has had success in the past. But the 2019 Falcons have been absolutely abysmal. Any offensive success has seemed to come in spite of Dirk Koetter’s scheme rather than because of it. Dan Quinn taking over calling the defense has somehow spawned a downward spiral of pillow-soft zone and lackluster play.

At some point, Blank is going to have to honestly assess whether he believes Dan Quinn is capable of getting the Falcons back on track. I like Quinn a great deal, but he really hasn’t given anyone much reason to believe he can right the ship in Atlanta this season.

Arthur Blank would be justified in firing Dan Quinn following that performance vs. the Texans. But apparently he’s not going to this week.