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With trades, firings on the horizon and a close game, Falcons fan confidence rebounds a little bit

A tiny bit.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It’s fair to say that Falcons fans have not been the most optimistic bunch of late. Funny how a team expected to contend instead going 1-7 in their first eight games will take the wind out of your sails, isn’t it?

Surprisingly, considering the Falcons lost yet again, fan confidence actually bounced up above zero this week. I can’t speak for the voters, of course, but I suspect the surprising second round selection for Mohamed Sanu, the buzz about firings at the bye, and the fact that the Falcons were at least somewhat competitive in the second half of the Seahawks game probably conspired to convince a handful of people that they should feel a little more confident in this team.

Falcons Fan Confidence Week 9

Will that 5% number go up or down during the bye week? My guess would be down. The Falcons failed to make any deadline deals, the report that they declined to move Devonta Freeman probably isn’t going to make a significant chunk of the fanbase happy, and it doesn’t appear Dan Quinn or Thomas Dimitroff are losing their jobs this week. Everyone’s justifiably focused on what might be coming next year, so don’t expect this number to get above, say, 20% or so even if the team should start winning.