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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Oct. 3

Have an early mornin’ link or two!

NFL: SEP 29 Titans at Falcons

The Falcons are gearing up to head to Houston for their match-up with the Texans, a make-or-break game for Atlanta’s season. Staring 1-4 dead in the face (and their season dead in the water), if the Falcons hope to right the ship they have to win on the road on Sunday.

So grab a cup of coffee, take the phone off the hook, and dive into Thursday’s Falcoholinks.

Texans on deck for Week 5

Coming off of a revolting loss at home against the Tennessee Titans, the Falcons are primed to tackle another AFC South foe in the Houston Texans on Sunday. Atlanta heads to Houston as an unsurprising underdog, even though Deshaun Watson & Co. just dropped a home game against the Carolina Panthers.

The Falcons will receive no love from the oddsmakers until they get this whole thing sorted out.

Whether it’s the offensive ineptitude or the sub-par defensive scheming and performance, Atlanta has to answer some burning questions as they head into Houston.

But enough of all of the constant downers; let’s idealize on some positives: Imagine having the ability to pluck DeAndre Hopkins off of the Texans squad and pairing him with Julio Jones?

Dan Quinn and his defense

Dan Quinn assumed the additional role of defensive coordinator for 2019, and so far the results have been ... well, they’ve been pretty awful. If they have any hope of stealing a win against the Texans, they’re going to need to get the defense on track.

The Falcoholic’s Allen Strk dropped a new column examining Quinn and the possible reasons for the poor defensive start, and it’s absolutely worth a read.

Logan Ryan has some words

If getting pasted by the Titans at home wasn’t enough, Tennessee cornerback Logan Ryan had some thoughts about the crowd at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. We all saw the images of a nearly empty stadium minutes before kickoff, but Ryan said it continued throughout the game.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is certainly gorgeous, but whether it’s a combination of expensive PSLs or affordable concessions keeping fans out of seats or an understandable apathy about an organization that simply isn’t putting a winning product on the field, Ryan’s statement looms large: teams don’t appear intimidated in Atlanta.

The Falcoholic Live

Did you miss episode 86? Of course you didn’t — you’re a dedicated reader and viewer of all things Falcoholic. But should your internet have gone out, you can catch last night’s episode right here.