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The Falcoholic tweet recap: Relive the magic of Seahawks vs. Falcons

Let’s see what Twitter had to say.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Hey Falcoholics! On Sunday, our beloved Atlanta Falcons lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 27-20. If you missed the game, or just want to review the tweets from it, look no further. Twitter has you covered, and without further ado, let’s begin.

The Falcons won the coin toss, but elected to kick due to the absence of quarterback Matt Ryan.

Falcons’ Isaiah Oliver played very well on the first drive, making key plays which led to a Seattle Seahawks field goal attempt (which was good) giving them a 0-3 lead.

AND then.. it was time for Matt Schaub to enter.

Schaub got them into decent field goal range, and unfortunately Matt Bryant missed a 51-yard field goal.

And then the Seahawks (naturally) went downfield and scored via a 4-yard D.K. Metcalf touchdown reception, extending their lead to 0-10.

Matt Bryant would go on to miss another field goal, this time from 53-yards out.

Then before halftime, D.K. Metcalf scored AGAIN — sending the Falcons into halftime trailing 0-24.

One more half to go..

The Falcons finally scored, thanks to a great 23-yard run by Brian Hill. The Falcons went for two and converted via a brilliant Calvin Ridley catch in the back of the end zone, narrowing the Seahawks lead to 8-24.

It seemed like things were finally going the Falcons’ way as Grady Jarrett sacked Russell Wilson. Normally this wouldn’t be a massive deal, but prior to the play, the Falcons’ last sack came in Week 3!

And on the Falcons’ next drive, Matt Bryant converted a 47-yard field goal putting the Seahawks lead at 11-24. The Falcons would get the ball back following a punt, and had a nice drive. Problem was, Devonta Freeman fumbled at the goal line. You can debate whether he was down (I think he was) but regardless, officials upheld the fumble call after replay and it led to an eventual field goal by the Seahawks furthering their lead to 11-27.

On the Falcons next drive, they’d go downfield and a Matt Schaub - Austin Hooper touchdown connection put the Falcons at 17-27. They went for two, but it failed.

Falcons went for the onside kick, which failed. They would however get the ball back after forcing a Seahawks punt. It would lead to another Matt Bryant field goal, putting the Falcons only down by a touchdown, 20-27.

The Seahawks recovered the onside kick, and the game was ended. Falcons move to 1-7 following the 20-27 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

And that’s the game, folks. The Falcons will be on a bye next week, so there will obviously be no tweet recap for Week 9. Following the week off, the team will travel down to New Orleans for our first divisional game of the 2019 season. Regardless of what happens, thanks for riding with us Falcoholics and checking out all of our content.

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