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Matt Schaub goes after the Falcons record books in a brutal loss

This team is capable of great things even with a backup at the helm, but alas.

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

All told, the Falcons left double digit points on the board against the Seahawks. They declined to go for it when warranted early on, foregoing a 4th and manageable for a Matt Bryant field goal attempt that didn’t work out. Bryant would miss again later and Schaub would throw an ugly, easy interception to stall out an otherwise productive drive, ensuring the Falcons only scored 20 points on the afternoon.

For those who count Matt Ryan’s rally attempts as empty calorie passing, though, Schaub’s Sunday must have looked like the ultimate fast food meal. Schaub set one franchise record and came within 50 yards of setting another, as he completed 39 passes (the franchise record, besting Matt Ryan’s 37 in a single game) for 460 yards (43 shy of Matt Ryan’s franchise record of 503). He only managed one touchdown, but that kind of day at age 38 is legitimately impressive, and it tells us the Falcons will at least be competitive if Schaub has to make more starts going forward.

At this point, I’m rooting hard for Schaub to transition to a spot on the Falcons coaching staff, because few know this team’s history of ineptitude—or can tell you how to throw your way through it—than #8.