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Report: Arthur Blank ‘leaning towards’ keeping Dan Quinn through the bye week

Per Jeff Schultz of the Athletic, who has had a number of interviews with the Falcons owner this season.

NFL: JAN 22 NFC Championship - Packers at Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Fans have been preparing for Dan Quinn to be fired during the bye week, in part because of a report Dan Quinn could be fired during the bye week. The Falcons have looked progressively worse every game since that report. With nothing improving since Arthur Blank reportedly felt like moving on from Quinn at the bye week, the expectation is Quinn’s last game would be against the Seattle Seahawks.

Surprisingly, Blank is now reportedly leaning towards keeping Quinn after the bye week. The move would mean Quinn likely remains the team’s head coach until the end of the season. The source is notable. Jeff Schultz of The Athletic has been very close with the team owner, having multiple interviews with Blank recently.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Quinn still has a lot of supporters, including top players like Julio Jones, Ricardo Allen, and Grady Jarrett. In a lost season with no clear, worthy head coach replacements, would Blank anger those players for little payoff? The Falcons are clearly out of the playoffs, and the Mohamed Sanu trade proves the team is already eyeing the 2020 season.

Quinn’s stunning level of coaching incompetence is only helpful for the Falcons at this point, who are looking at a likely top draft selection in the draft. Why change what isn’t working when the result is a potential immediate impact player?