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Falcons - Seahawks final score predictions from The Falcoholic staff

Atlanta is not expected to win, of course.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawk Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

If you think we have any brave souls willing to predict a decisive Falcons win, or indeed any kind of Falcons win at all...well, not here.

Falcons 14 - Seahawks 28

We’re at the point where blowouts by good teams should be expected. The Falcons offensive line can barely protect Matt Ryan. The offense is predictable and stagnant. The defense is one of the worst in the league and several key players are injured or out. This is the exact opposite recipe for a bounce back game and by the time this one is over, we will all be ready for the bye week ... and some change. - David Walker

Falcons 7 - Seahawks 193

Dan Quinn is in a bad spot in that the Falcons are very bad and the Seahawks are very good. - Matt Chambers

Falcons 21 - Seahawks 35

Of course the Falcons could surprise us, as they did at times a year ago, and pull off the upset win at home. Keep in mind that to do so, they’ll have to overcome a 38-year-old Matt Schaub making his first start since 2015, a tough Seahawks team with Russell Wilson at the height of his powers, and the typical collection of Falcons troubles like tackling, penalties, and general execution. You can see why I’m not very optimistic. - Dave Choate

Falcons 17 – Seahawks 41

The Falcons’ defense is bad and has allowed opponents to score 34+ points in each of the last three games. Lucky for them, the Seattle Seahawks are coming to town and 30+ points in two of their last three games. I have no confidence in our defense until they show something, and they likely won’t against a team which has an MVP contender in quarterback Russell Wilson. With Matt Ryan out, I don’t see the Falcons being very competitive and can imagine this game will get out of hand quickly. It’s fitting that what many think will be Dan Quinn’s final game as the Falcons’ head coach is slated to come against the team which got him hired here. – Evan Birchfield