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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, Oct. 25

Bring on the Seahawks, bring on the trade deadline, and bring on the end of this season.

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr /Getty Images

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Matt Ryan seems unlikely to suit up Sunday

Since 2010, Matt Ryan has absorbed 304 regular season sacks, or a little under 30 per year, or a little under two per game. In that span, he certainly got dinged up at times, but he was always able to make his next start. Until, it appears, now.

Ryan missed his second straight day of practice and will need to get on the field at Flowery Branch today if he has any chance of going against the Seahawks. If not, the Falcons will be starting a different quarterback for the first time since 2009, in the form of the great (and meme-worthy) Matt Schaub. Danny Etling could also be called up from the practice squad, unless the Falcons want to sign some rando off the street for the week.

The season has fallen apart to the point where playing Ryan on any kind of injury really doesn’t make sense, so on those merits I’ll be glad if he’s not suited up Sunday. But it’s also the end of an iron man era, right in the midst of the end of a lot of other eras for the Falcons.

Trade talk rolls on

The Falcons, as you might imagine, have little interest in trading Austin Hooper. This team could move on from Devonta Freeman next year, have already moved on from Mohamed Sanu, and could lose veteran receiver Justin Hardy. As a proven, well-rounded tight end enjoying his second consecutive career year, Hooper figures to be a big part of the team’s future, and they’re reportedly rebuffing offers for him.

Not so for fellow 2016 draft alum De’Vondre Campbell, who the team may be dangling per the same report. Campbell and 2015 first rounder Vic Beasley are both players having so-so years on a defense that has been almost impossibly bad, and given that both of their contracts are up after the year, it’s not surprising a Falcons team headed for at least a defensive re-tooling might be looking for draft picks for both. We’ll see if any other names come up between now and next week’s deadline, but don’t be surprised if one or both of the guys mentioned above are on the move, especially since Campbell has a real solid track record of play that would make him a nice addition for a few contenders.

I will remember Sanu, will he remember me?


Anyways, Allen Strk had a nice deep dive into what Mohamed Sanu brought to the Falcons from 2016 through trade deadline 2019, and how his contributions in the locker room and as a personality will be remembered as fondly as (if not more fondly than) his contributions on the field. Sanu finished his Falcons career 19th all-time in yardage, 16th in receptions, and 18th in touchdowns, which is pretty damn good for a guy who spent fewer than four full seasons in Atlanta.

Breaking Falcons - Seahawks down by the numbers

Let’s finish up with Kevin Knight’s weekly look at the matchup! As you might imagine, the numbers do not look good for our Atlanta Falcons, but you should read to learn just how not great they look.