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The Falcoholic staff picks for Seahawks vs. Falcons and other Week 8 NFL games

Spoiler alert: We’re not terribly confident in the Falcons.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans responding to our weekly NFL FanPulse survey had 0 percent confidence in the direction of the Falcons this week. Our staff picks for this week’s matchup against the Seahawks mirrored that, with one exception.

Look, you’d have to ask James how it happens that he has this endless well of optimism for this Falcons team. I don’t get it. This team broke my spirit in Super Bowl LI, and this season has been an endless string of reminders that the life of a Falcons fan is a challenging one. The rest of our staff is rolling with the Seahawks this week.

We’re all in agreement on the Vikings over Washington, the Lions over the Giants, the Jaguars over the Jets, the Rams over the Bengals, the Patriots over the Browns, and the Steelers over the Dolphins. Everyone but Dave, James, and me sees the Saints getting a win against the Cardinals on Sunday. DW stands as the lone believer in the Panthers against the Niners, and Matt, Eric, Dave, and Allen all think the Bucs can beat the Titans.

DW’s at the top of the leaderboard with a win percentage of .660, Kevin’s in second with a win percentage of .650. Matt and I are tied in third with a win percentage of .622. James is next-to-last with a win percentage of .528, probably because he keeps picking the Falcons. Eric’s bringing up the rear for now with a win percentage of .517.

Weigh in with your picks below!