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Minnesota - Washington Thursday Night Football open thread

You guys wanna see a team lose by a lot?

NFL - Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

On paper, there’s some intrigue to this matchup. Washington now has the former Vikings starter Case Keenum, while Minnesota has ex-Dan Snyder favorite Kirk Cousins. Minnesota is trying to claw their way out to the top of a very tough NFC North, while Washington is...well, they’re trying not to stink. Plenty of compelling story lines!

In practice, however, this is likely to be sloppy, one-sided game that will barely be worth watching unless you enjoy seeing that when it doesn’t involve the Falcons. Washington is a barely competent mess of a squad, the natural conclusion of a squad that didn’t so much stumble into being bad as actively work to be. The Vikings team they’re facing is hyper-competent, with one of the league’s best ground games, a resurgent passing attack, and a tough defense. If Washington wins this game, it’ll be a minor miracle. Hell, it’ll be a minor miracle if they’re within two scores.

Watch if you will!