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There are no confident Falcons fans left

Our weekly FanPulse poll hits a new, impossible-to-best low.

Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Every week, we’re asking the same question of hundreds of Falcons fans who have signed up to take our FanPulse survey about the team. That question, quite simply, concerns whether fans are feeling confident about the direction of the team.

This week, with Atlanta at 1-6, on the verge of playing a tough Seahawks team, with injuries to Matt Ryan, Ito Smith, and others, and with a looming cap space crunch that is going to sour the 2020 offseason no matter who is in charge, we could not find Falcons fans to say they feel any sort of confidence. Over the last couple of weeks, 2% of respondents stubbornly hung in there, perhaps because they felt like big changes were coming soon, but the team has lost even those holdouts.

FanPulse Atlanta Falcons Week 8

For perspective’s sake, the Falcons are even below Washington, a team that just got beat 9-0 in the muck, recently fired its head coach (oops), and has both less talent on the roster and a less functional executive team running things. It’s impossible to argue with that, though, given that Atlanta’s last big push to contend before the tough roster decisions to come has been rewarded with the most profoundly lousy football we’ve seen since...late 2014? 2013? 2007? However far back you have to reach, this isn’t what Falcons fans wanted or deserve, and they’re justifiably sick of it.

While things are impossibly grim on the Falcons front, at least a majority of NFL fans are also not sure that NFL games are officiated fairly!

Good. Everything’s real good.