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Report: Falcons working on Vic Beasley trade, finding cool market

The Falcons will likely move the veteran pass rusher, but they’re not likely to get a great return.

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

When we first heard that Vic Beasley was on the trade block, I had hoped some team enamored with his potential would surrender a mid-round pick for him. I knew that might be a long shot, but now it looks like an absolute pipe dream.

Per Jeff Schultz at The Athletic, the Falcons are shopping Vic Beasley hard ahead of the trade deadline but aren’t exactly finding a ton of suitors.

This is endlessly aggravating for any number of reasons. The team’s decision to roll on with Beasley on his fifth-year option was part of a larger bet Dan Quinn made on himself and his crew, and it’s turned out to be a catastrophe all around. The team’s defense has gone into the toilet and Beasley, while not the liability he was a season ago, hasn’t exactly taken a step forward. Considering the team had offers on the table for him last year and those likely would have been much better than what they are getting now—and considering the opportunity cost of keeping Beasley at that salary for 2019—what looked like a questionable move at the time can absolutely be declared a huge mistake.

I’m hopeful Beasley will land somewhere where he’ll have better fortunes, and I’m hopeful the Falcons will get a draft pick back that they’ll be able to turn into a useful defender in 2020. We’re days, if not hours, away from knowing.