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Falcons - Rams reactions from The Falcoholic staff

Three writers weigh in on yet another disappointment.

NFL: OCT 20 Rams at Falcons

Three of our writers weigh in on a game that frankly I think we’re done talking with after this.

There’s no reason to keep any of these coaches

I was a strong supporter of firing Mike Smith back in 2014. For the same reason Steve Sarkisian was eventually fired, it was clear Smith had the wrong mindset to beat the league’s top teams. This showed up in his dismal playoff record. Despite his problem against elite teams, Smith was always competitive. Even in his last season, the Falcons were in the playoff race until the final week of the season. The team was rarely blown out. In 2019 we are seeing the opposite. Quinn is getting blown out as fans are seeing a new level of incompetence, poor execution, confusion, and the same bad game plan every week. It’s time for a strong refresh. The fans have had playoff aspirations every season since the 2012 NFC Championship, and have been rewarded with only two playoff berths since. The fans deserve a new coaching staff, a new front office, and a team worth watching. - Matt Chambers

Get it right in 2020

The rest of this season is going to be a brutal slog, in all likelihood, whether they fire Dan Quinn or not. The Falcons made the mistake of largely refusing to get interesting young players playing time in 2018, and through much of 2019 they’ve continued to do the same thing despite the losses piling up. With Dan Quinn finally relenting and getting real playing time for the likes of Jamal Carter, John Cominsky, and Kendall Sheffield on Sunday, hopefully the floodgates have been opened.

The Falcons will never truly try to go in the tank the way Miami has, but what’s the difference at this point? They’re not coming close to winning with veterans, so they should deal the guys they feel comfortable dealing, split time with the ones they want to keep, and getting the players who may actually become difference makers in 2020 and beyond the time they need. At this point the Falcons have to start thinking about ensuring that 2020 isn’t such a bitter disappointment, and that’s one (small) way to take steps in the right direction. - Dave Choate

Time to evaluate

At 1-6, the Falcons have a better chance of winning the lottery than going to the playoffs. With the Seahawks coming to town next, it seems like a near certainty they will be 1-7 at the bye and Dan Quinn could be fired at that point. Assuming all of that happens, it’s time for this team to completely abandon hopes of making the playoffs and begin thinking about 2020. That means evaluating guys deeper on the roster. The guys who have been inactive on Sundays. Guys like Deadrin Senat, Matt Gono and Qadree Ollison. Let’s give more playing time to John Cominsky and Jordan Miller. Let’s see what these guys can do and if they can grow and develop as the season winds down. There’s zero reason to continue to play guys like Allen Bailey or Ty Sambrailo. They won’t be here next year so let’s see what the youth can do. If they suck, so be it. It’s not like we’re going to be worse than we are right now. - David Walker