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Report: Matt Ryan in walking boot but injury not expected to be serious

A Monday MRI will make the final determination.

Los Angeles Rams v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons season in unquestionably in the gutter. Dan Quinn had perhaps his most demoralizing loss in recent history, which is a huge accomplishment considering the recent losing streak where the team loses in new and terrible ways.

After more failures on offense, defense, and special teams, including Devonta Freeman ejected for throwing a punch on the league’s most scary defensive player, Matt Ryan went down with an injury. That same scary defensive player, Aaron Donald, rolled up on Ryan, causing him to limp to the sideline.

Ryan was acting fine after going into the medical tent. He then walked to the locker room and was almost immediately ruled out for the remainder of the game with an ankle injury.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is the first to report on Ryan’s injury, and per “the team,” it’s not expected to be bad.

This could be good news if you want to see Ryan return. The offensive line is so bad that it would be understandable to keep out Ryan for as long as possible. With the playoffs all but a pipe dream, maybe put Ryan’s health and the eventual high draft pick first.

While the extent of the injury is not clear, the team has not been a good indicator of predicting injuries in recent memory. Regardless, you rarely see a player go from walking boot to starting one week later. The best case scenario is the walking boot is merely precautionary, the MRI confirms no injury, and Ryan nurses a sprain until playing against the Seattle Seahawks next week.

In the past, we usually hear the results of these MRIs on Monday morning. Depending on the result, we may see even more of Matt Schaub.