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Falcons down to Rams 13-3 at half as defense comes to life, offense falters

The Falcons find a new way to look pitiful in the first half every single week.

Los Angeles Rams vAtlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

It’s halftime, and the Falcons are losing by 10. This isn’t surprising, but the how might be a little surprising.

The Falcons defense has held up fairly well today, limiting the Rams to 13 first half points despite no turnovers and only a little bit of pressure. That should have the game in reach, but it doesn’t, because the offense has faltered again and again and Matt Bryant missed another field goal. That’s left Atlanta with just three points and a world of frustration, while the defense’s handful of (typical) glaring lapses are now extremely consequential.

The Falcons need a great second half to catch up, as always, and we’re just getting further and further into the deep misery this Falcons team has been offering up for us. Let’s hope they have some surprise in store soon.