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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Oct. 2

Fact: Matt Ryan doesn’t have a bellybutton

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Happy hump day, Falcoholics! Are you over all the doom and gloom that followed Sunday’s loss to the Titans? No, not yet? Well good news, because there’s more potential disappointment and heartbreak just around the corner!

For now, open wide and drink this heaping spoonful of links. Doctor’s orders!

That Titans loss though

Our staff had some things to say about the most recent Falcons loss. You should read those things, if you haven’t already. Dave brought us snap counts from Sunday’s game and had some interesting takes on what they do and don’t mean. And speaking of playing time, there’s no logical explanation for the way Dirk Koetter has deployed his offensive weapons.

Carter Breazeale brought us this week’s edition of “hat tips and head-scratchers.” And last but not least, Corey Woodroof highlighted 5 things we learned from the Titans loss.

More on the Duke Riley trade

David Walker, Jeanna Thomas, and Dave Choate hashed out the Duke Riley trade and more on this week’s podcast. And believe me, they were spittin’ mad. (Spoiler alert: trading Riley won’t make this a better football team; and the Week 4 loss told us everything we need to know about this Falcons team.) Speaking of the Riley trade, Johnathan Cyprien is a Falcon now. What should we expect him to contribute? In short, as long as he never has to play in coverage, Cyprien will be fine. Oh wait, he probably will need to play in coverage at some point, huh? Well ... shoot.

Roster moves

The Falcons cut Austin Larkin and Matt Wile yesterday. And in corresponding moves, they signed offensive tackle Lukayus McNeil and linebacker Ahmad Thomas to the practice squad. One wonders what the Falcons have in mind with Larkin going forward. Is this the last we’ll see of him in Atlanta? Perhaps, but some of his preseason and training camp luster is undoubtedly starting to wear off.