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What Texans position group would you add to the Falcons?

One that would improve the team in a hurry, one hopes.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

At this point, these articles are an invitation for someone to write “I’d take the entire team over the Falcons,” and in a manner that is not even close to joking. Yet we press on.

Despite Houston’s struggles and seven-headed hydra of a GM, they have some stellar pieces. This is one of the few teams where taking the quarterback room off their hands would make a lot of sense, as Deshaun Watson is young, extremely talented, and has a very bright future. The defensive end grouping is also tempting because it has a couple of interesting, talented young players and J.J. Watt, who could line up just about anywhere on this defensive line and be a force for good. If you like what they bring to bear, you might want to take the tackle group (mostly for Laremy Tunsil), wide receiver (for Will Fuller’s speed and DeAndre Hopkins’ all-around excellence) or tight end (because you really miss Logan Paulsen).

Me, I’m going with QB. The list of guys I would definitely take over Matt Ryan is not long, but young, extremely capable quarterbacks like Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson certainly make the list. Putting Watson in with this offense would, at least over the long haul, make for enjoyable gamedays. I don’t particularly care for A.J. McCarron or Alex McGough as backups, but they’re not among the league’s worst options.

Who are you going with?