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The Falcoholic staff picks for Rams vs. Falcons and the rest of Week 7’s NFL games

The Falcons have broken all but one of us.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the Falcons are a terrible football team. While it’s sad to even have to think about the various ways the team may embarrass us this week against the Rams, here we are with our staff picks for Week 7 nonetheless.

Not surprisingly, almost everyone went with the Rams. Surprisingly, James did not go with the Rams. James will likely be wrong, and it’s fair to expect the rest of us to add another one to our respective wins columns.

Everyone’s taking the Chiefs over the Broncos after two straight weeks of losses for Kansas City. We’re also all believers in the Niners, Jaguars, and Bills this week. The Jags have the winless Bengals and the Bills have the tanking Dolphins, so if the Bengals or Bills do pull those off, they’ll be significant upsets. Oh, and we’re all taking the Pats, which is not surprising given that they’re the Pats and they’re playing the Jets.

The Panthers and Bucs are on byes this week. Our staff is split on the Saints against the Bears. Bear down, Chicago Bears, and please beat New Orleans so we can have one thing to enjoy on Sunday.

Below are all of our picks this week. DW’s in the lead with a .652 win percentage. Kevin’s right behind him at .641, and Matt and I are tied at .608. James is next-to-last, probably because he keeps picking the Falcons, at .632. Eric joined us after the first few weeks of the season, and he’s bringing up the rear at .522. But you know what they say — any given Sunday!

Below are our picks for this week. Add yours in the comments below.