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What is there left to say about the 2019 Falcons?

This week’s big question is a resigned one.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When you think about the 2019 Atlanta Falcons, the only thing to do is stop thinking. Otherwise you get into unpleasant territory very quickly.

Sunday’s dismal loss to an objectively bad Arizona Cardinals team is a new step down into the descent, a clear and fiery reminder that this team is a catastrophe.

In July, we wondered if they would rebound. In October, we wonder if there is a level beyond numbness, almost a cosmic source of embarrassment that leads to Matt Ryan being the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 300+ yards/four touchdowns and complete 80% of his throws and still lose.

It’s beyond pathetic at this point. It’s past being a sham. This team is worse than bad. Considering where the anticipation level was before Week One, this might be one of the worst Falcons teams of all time, and we’re not even close to done with them yet. They’re running out of ways to be humiliated.

Any ballyhoo about this football team we had before the season has turned into bluster. They’re an empty shell of an outfit who can barely hang with mediocre teams, and one even wonders if they could beat the lowly Dolphins or Bengals right now.

They are an abhorrent disaster of a football team as they are now, and they’ve lost any and all relevance or hope for the immediate future. It’s painful to have to say that, but we all know it’s true. It’s absolutely Falcony that this team is plenty healthy and surrounded by so much talent on the sidelines and on the field and they look this bad.

At 1-5, the Falcons’ season, and sadly, probably this entire era of Falcons football, is over. This team is just not worth spending your time or energy on right now. Honestly, they’re such an incomprehensible mess, there’s just not much to say either.

Barring heroics that haven’t happened and probably won’t, that will remain true.