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What Rams position group would you add to the Falcons?

With the high-powered Rams coming to town, it’s the right time to ask.

Los Angeles Rams v Cleveland Browns Photo by: 2019 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

It’s time to carefully place an entire position group from another team into a cardboard box, punch some holes in it, and ship the whole thing back to Atlanta. This week, that position group will come from this week’s opponent, the Rams.

They’re a very good football team dealing with injuries and Jared Goff playing at his very Jared Goffiest, which means there are certainly options here.

You’d be hard-pressed, as great as Grady Jarrett is, has been, and will be, to argue against taking this defensive tackle group. Aaron Donald might be the single most talented player in the entire NFL,

Other options include running back (if Todd Gurley were perfectly healthy, I’d be pushing for this harder, since I love rookie Darrell Henderson), tackle (Rob Havenstein and Andrew Whitworth, despite shakiness this year, are very good), and maybe kicker or punter because of Greg Zuerlein’s reliability and Johnny Hekker’s track record. I am, as I often am, surprised how few groups represent slam dunk upgrades for the Falcons in terms of talent and youth, but then I just get sad.

What group are you taking?