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Falcons fans react on Twitter to disastrous loss to Cardinals

Let’s see what Twitter had to say!

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Hey Falcoholics! On Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons fell to the Arizona Cardinals 33-34. If you missed the game, or just want to review the tweets from it, look no further! Falcons fans on Twitter have you covered, and without further ado, let’s begin.

The Falcons received the opening kick, and optimism was already at an all-time high.

The Falcons struck first, as for the first time this season, they scored on their opening drive. Falcons wide receiver recorded a 7-yard reception for the touchdown, giving the Falcons a 7-0 lead.

On the Cardinals opening drive, they were held to a field goal ... and Twitter was pleased.

With a 7-3 lead, the Falcons eventually were forced to punt. Cardinals rookie quarterback Kyler Murray impressively extended a play after the Falcons rushed three and dropped nose tackle Tyler Davison into coverage.

The Cardinals’ drive continued into the second quarter, which eventually led to a Chase Edmonds 2-yard touchdown reception. The Cardinals took the 7-10 lead, and Falcons fans were already in panic mode.

The Cards went on to score another touchdown, this time by way of their star running back David Johnson. The Falcons would answer with a Matt Bryant 29-yard field goal, shortening the Cardinals’ lead to 10-17.

Prior to halftime however, the Falcons defense (in typical fashion) would allow the Cards to go downfield and kick a field goal to extend their lead to 10-20.

The Cardinals would receive the ball to start the second half, and with a 10-point lead, were hungry for more. Kyler Murray hit tight end Maxx Williams for a 20-yard touchdown and Twitter wasn’t pleased.

The Falcons would hit back with a 44-yard field goal. The Falcons offense actually played pretty well overall on Sunday.

A rare Falcons defensive stop allowed the offense to get back on the field. mDevonta Freeman capitalized with a 7-yard touchdown reception to inch within a touchdown of the Cardinals, 20-27.

The Falcons’ defense would AGAIN force a punt, allowing a Austin Hooper touchdown, tying the game at 27-27. Hooper had a phenomenal day, and continues to impress this season.

The Falcons were back in it, and the referees weren’t having any of that! The offense was forced to punt, but due to a phantom fair catch interference call, the Cardinals received better field position than they would have. This led to another David Johnson touchdown, putting the Cardinals lead at 27-34. This is where it all fell apart.

With less than two minutes remaining, the Falcons scored! Devonta Freeman recorded his second receiving touchdown on the day, putting the Falcons at 33-34.

BUT.. Matt Bryant missed the PAT and Twitter broke.

The Falcons had a shot to get the ball back, but on a third-down play, Kyler Murray scrambled for a first down. He was actually short, but upon further review the referees still couldn’t see the obvious. Game over.

Well folks, that about does it. The Falcons are now 1-5 and haven’t even played a divisional opponent yet. Regardless of what happens, thanks for riding with us Falcoholics and checking out all of our content.

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