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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Monday, Oct. 14

The refs did not want us to post these links — but we did.

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

What can even be said at this point? The Atlanta Falcons dropped their fourth straight game in the most Falcon-y way possible: a missed extra point after a second half comeback where they seemed like a completely different team. Please vaporize my eyeballs.

I feel like I’ve aged 20 years over the course of these first six games — the gray hairs popping up like weeds on my head and my eyes bloodshot like a pair of Kroy Biermann’s contacts. Here’s Monday’s Falcoholinks, fellow suffering fans.

Falcons - Cardinals recap

The Falcons strolled into Arizona on life support at 1-4, and emerged in even worse shape after losing 34-33. In another must-win matchup that could ultimately decide Dan Quinn’s fate as the Falcons’ head coach, Atlanta started strong, reverted to the 2019 Falcons we’ve come to know and hate, and then kicked into some kind of otherworldly gear in the third quarter. Honestly, they was a completely different team in the second half.

It wasn’t enough.

Our staff was largely split on the outcome of this one, but nobody could have predicted the bonkers calls and Matt Bryant missing a game-tying extra point. Very Falcons. The all-time series was nearly knotted up, with the Cardinals holding a slight advantage.

They added to that tally with Sunday’s win, and may have been the final straw in the Quinn/Dimitroff regime. Suffice to say, everybody had a bad time.

Clock’s ticking

There’s some reporting that Dan Quinn may not survive the bye week if this team doesn’t improve, and the Falcons did the opposite of that against the Arizona Cardinals. Yes, they tied the game in the third quarter, but many of the same symptoms that have doomed this team all season reared their ugly head through this one.

Our Kevin Knight’s latest column examined the importance of Sunday’s game for Quinn’s future in Atlanta.

The Falcoholic Live

We’re all pretty much dead due to this season, but The Falcoholic Live is, well ... live. If you missed Kevin Knight & Co.’s live post-game coverage, you can give it a watch right here.