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Falcons add P Kasey Redfern, who will assume punting duties against Cardinals

Hopefully he’ll grow into his role.

Detroit Lions v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

You don’t know how nice it is to have stability at punter until you don’t have it any longer. The Falcons, unfortunately, are very much in that boat.

Since Matt Bosher hit injured reserve, the Falcons have signed a punter (Matt Wile), added a punter to their practice squad, (Sam Irwin-Hill), and now will be signing a punter to their practice squad to add to the active roster and punt on Sunday. That’s chiefly because Wile is also injured, because of course the punter you signed to take the place of your punter is hurt. It’s that kind of year.

Redfern, 28, has been kicking around the NFL for a while (I’m sorry), but hasn’t ever really latched on with a team for any length of time. He managed one 50 yard punt and one ten yard rush (?) with the Lions back in 2017, but that was in just one game, and he’s only made it into one regular season game to this point. I don’t know what to expect from him on Sunday, but if his leg’s a little less booming than Wile’s but he manages to keep the ball in bounds on kickoffs, I’ll be perfectly happy.

Oh, and here’s why it’s not Irwin-Hill:

Welcome Kasey the punter carousel keeps spinning.