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Thoughts on Duke Riley trade and whether Dan Quinn’s time in Atlanta is over

We dive deep into these topics and more on our latest podcast.

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the misery and pain of losing comes a podcast to talk about the misery and pain of losing. This week, the Falcoholic himself—Dave Choate—joins Jeanna and me to discuss where we are after just the quarter point of the season. Our discussion includes:

  • The trade of Duke Riley and Jonathan Cyprien and whether this exchange really moves the needle at all for the defense
  • Thoughts on the Falcons loss to the Titans and why the nature of the loss says so much
  • Recaps of the other NFC South teams (hint: they all won)
  • An in-depth discussion about Dan Quinn and whether his time in Atlanta is coming to an end
  • Considering whether or not Thomas Dimitroff would go out with Quinn
  • What kind of head coach Arthur Blank may look for next if this season continues to spiral down the abyss

As always, you can find the podcast wherever fine podcasts are available or you can listen below:

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