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Falcons fan confidence rises one final time as the season ends

It corresponds with firings and a third straight win.

NFL: DEC 30 Falcons at Buccaneers Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

To cap off a long, troublesome season, the Atlanta Falcons won three games in a row. None of those wins came against great teams, but knocking off two division rivals had to feel good inside the building, and it ended the season on a note of hope for those who want to see the team return to relevance in 2019.

That’s reflected in the final results of our weekly FanPulse survey to Falcons fans. For the first time in many moons, fan confidence is well above 25%, a combination of the team winning against the Buccaneers and the dawning realization that the season is over and change is on the wind. We don’t yet know how positive that change will be, mind you, but it’s on the dang wind.

While the upswing in fan confidence is still not impressive, given where the Falcons were at the beginning of the year, it’s sort of amazing it rebounded this far. Remember, the Falcons embarked on a five game losing streak where they struggled to score 20 points per game and still looked plenty shaky on defense, so it would have been perfectly understandable if everyone just gave up feeling much of anything entirely.

It’ll be interesting to see what confidence looks like heading into Week 1 of 2019, though I’ll wager it’ll be considerably higher than it is now. The Falcons have turned over their coaching staff and made the kind of promises we want to hear, including getting Dan Quinn gameday help, locking up Grady Jarrett and turning over a lackluster offensive line, so if they deliver on most of those it’ll be tough not to feel better about what’s ahead. With everything that’s happened this season, though, I am happy to see a significant portion of Falcons fans are actually feeling some confidence, which will make the long offseason ahead a lot more bearable.

How confident are you feeling?