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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Thursday, Jan. 3

Continue to roll in the new year with a fresh set of links.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons are continuing into 2019 with the offensive coordinator coaching search, and we’ve got the links to accompany it.

So sit on down and enjoy a morning filled with all the latest so you can get up to date!

Make it your New Year’s Resolution to read these links, even. You’ll already be done with it if that’s your aim!

A Koetter Above the Rest?

The Falcons are bringing in former offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to interview for the vacant offensive coordinator post Saturday, which may make you feel certain emotions that aren’t positive.

Koetter had one particularly great year in 2012 with the team running the post before finding himself on the team’s downward spiral that ended the Mike Smith era. He wasn’t as successful as Kyle Shanahan in 2016, but he was part of the second-best year Matt Ryan’s seen overall for his team. Ryan might’ve had better statistical years, but it’s hard to argue against the fact that the 2012 team had his second-best overall offense.

Maybe Koetter can bring that spirit back to the team when they need it most?

Comparing Sark to ... Sark

Steve Sarkisian’s time Atlanta has come to a close, but Dave Choate took a look at how his 2017 offenses stacked up with his 2018.

It’s no secret the 2018 offense was better than 2017 in a season substantially less good than that one, though the November collapse is why Sark’s now out of the role. He had the offense firing on all cylinders for a few games there, though that did not last.

It’s interesting to see the comparison and track the growth and differences for the team’s former OC. Some still think he should be here, to be fair, just as some are relieved he’s headed elsewhere.

An Appreciation for the Mattural

Our D.W. penned an appreciation for Matt Ryan and the consistency he’s brought the franchise. It’s admittedly rare for the Falcons to have losing seasons in the Ryan era, and that’s in large part to what Ryan brings to the table.

He’s been a stable leader for this team for 11 seasons, and still has at least a half-decade left of manning the post. We need to be more appreciative of what he’s able to do and how he keeps the team from that dreaded quarterback carousel.

One Last Voyage to Tampa Bay

Our Carter Breazeale gave us his final Hat Tips and Head-Scratchers for the 2018 regular season, focusing on the finale against the Buccaneers.

Who gets plaudits and who gets points off? Inquire within!

Surveying the NFC’s Weekend Games

Even though the Falcons are done for the year, that doesn’t mean the NFC is closing up shop anytime soon.

Dave broke down the weekend’s NFC Wild Card games, which pit the Bears against the Eagles and the Seahawks against the Cowboys.

We’ll see who advances to the divisional rounds against the Saints and Rams.

The Falcoholic Postgame Podcast

The Falcoholic’s weekly Postgame Podcast wrapped up covering individual games for 2018, with Evan Birchfield and myself taking a look at the Bucs game.

Be sure to tune in to the show’s season finale as we break down the 2018 season as a whole.

Sunken Treasures

If you’d like to read my take on how the Falcons’ shipwrecked season could be a guiding light for the future, then hop aboard, matey!

Well, those are the links, friends. Continue the strong start to 2019, and be sure to follow along for all the Falcons news you need.