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9 ways Saints fans are overreacting hilariously to NFC Championship loss to Rams

Saints fans are doing way too much, and it’s the funniest thing that has ever happened.

NFL: NFC Championship Game-Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Typically I wouldn’t be able to muster much enthusiasm for any NFL playoffs that the Falcons didn’t qualify for, but this year is different. Watching the Saints blow it against the Rams in the NFC Championship has become the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not talking about Saints fans, who have spent the better part of two solid years tweeting some variation of “lol 28-3” at Falcons fans, just being mad online that their team lost. I’m not even suggesting that Saints fans shouldn’t be mad that their team lost. That blown call was not the sole reason the Saints got beat, but it was egregious. Being mad makes sense, and if this happened to the Falcons I’d definitely be tweeting through it.

And hoo boy, are they ever mad. Harry Connick Jr. is boycotting the Super Bowl and shared the mad online letter he wrote to Roger Goodell on Instagram. And a church in New Orleans is offering the opportunity for disgruntled Saints fans to work through their frustration by throwing a penalty flag during services on Sunday.

But these fine folks aren’t satisfied with tossing flags around and being mad online. They’re also doing a bunch of absurd things in real life in their quest for justice, and today seems like a great time to revel in it and laugh at all of this ridiculousness.

They’re suing the NFL

A personal injury attorney in New Orleans, Frank DeAmico, filed a suit in Louisiana Civil District Court on behalf of Saints season ticket holders who claim the loss caused them irreparable harm.

Bear in mind that the Rams did not snatch the Lombardi Trophy out of Drew Brees’ hands in a dark alley or anything. They beat them in a football game by holding the Saints to field goals on three drives and making plays — most notably an overtime interception that killed the Saints’ chances of winning, and the game-winning field goal — when it mattered.

This is absolutely a frivolous lawsuit, and there’s zero chance it succeeds on any level, though Brian Beversluis over at Cat Scratch Reader mapped out how it might look if they did win. But that didn’t stop Saints fans from trying to sue the NFL into giving them their way, because their feelings are hurt, damn it, and they demand justice for those hurt feelings.

UPDATE: It’s May 30, 2019, and this fan base is STILL trying to sue the league. This time they’ve taken the case to civil court, per KNOE. Cue that very popular song from Frozen.

They started a petition to have the game replayed

Yes, you read that correctly. From the posting:

The timing of Championship Weekend is deliberate. The league gives teams two weeks between their conference title and the actual Super Bowl to give players time to rest, recover, prepare for the Super Bowl opponent, and travel to the Super Bowl city.

Making the Rams play another game this Sunday would create an ungodly competitive advantage for the Patriots, and we all know that’s the last thing the Patriots need or should even remotely have. There is no chance in hell the league would even briefly consider making the Rams and Saints play AGAIN this Sunday just because Saints fans are cranky.

They bought billboards in Atlanta

You know it has to be crushing for Saints fans to know they had a shot to win a Super Bowl in the Falcons’ stadium. The trolling would have never ended. That’s why a Saints fan bought several billboards in Atlanta to cry about the outcome of the NFC Championship Game.

The billboards, which say things like “Saints got robbed” and “NFL bleaux that” (which reads to me like it sounds like “blow” instead of “blew,” terrible choice of words), will accomplish exactly nothing but making Saints fans look like a bunch of entitled dorks.

They want to use our political system to force the league’s hand

This is just amazing.

Is it weird that the league hasn’t said anything publicly to date about the blown call? Yeah. But does that mean Saints fans should compel Roger Goodell to testify in front of any judiciary committee about it? Lol no.

But Saints fans in the political realm are being incredibly stubborn. Bill Cassidy, a republican senator from Louisiana, actually broke down the controversial no call with a play by play on the Senate floor.

This man, who is elected by the people of Louisiana and paid by taxpayers like you and me to do, you know, actual work for the good of his constituents in Washington D.C., seriously thought it was a great idea to stand on the floor of the Senate and address our government leaders to talk out his saltiness about the outcome of a football game and call everyone watching it a bunch of drunks.

There was a lot going on Friday morning. A close associate of the president, Roger Stone, was arrested by FBI agents who showed up at his door at 6 a.m. All flights were grounded at LaGuardia because they don’t have enough air traffic controllers to keep flights running because of the government shutdown that ended later on Friday.

Federal workers missed another paycheck, and some have to resort to food banks because they can’t afford to eat and feed their families otherwise. But yes, let’s back burner all of that because we would urgently like to hear about how you’re a sore loser, Senator Cassidy.

They’re coming up with wild-ass conspiracy theories

It can’t possibly be that the refs missed a call due to angles and human error. No, no, no. This is all a vast conspiracy to make Saints fans sad.

That’s what Saints fans believe, anyway, and it’s why they’re breaking down video to try to prove collusion between the referees near the spot of the foul and filing that lawsuit because they think Roger Goodell has a personal vendetta against them and rigged the outcome.

In reality, it was just a blown call. Officiating is often terrible around the NFL and other leagues, and there are a bunch of blown calls in every game. It sucks for Saints fans, but it happens, and there’s no conspiracy involved.

They might have a parade anyway, during the Super Bowl

Chris Roberts, a councilman at large in Jefferson Parish, has an idea.

A live look at my reaction to that:

Bars won’t show the Super Bowl in New Orleans

They’re going to show the Saints’ win over the Colts following the 2009 season instead.

If you’ll recall, Sean Payton was suspended for a full season and general manager Mickey Loomis served an eight-game suspension because the team was found to be running a bounty program during its run to the Super Bowl. Gregg Williams and Joe Vitt also served suspensions for their roles in the scandal.

That actually may be the funniest part of all of this, if you think about it. The Saints are the OGs of ill-gotten trips to Super Bowls. They’re mad about one hit that should have been flagged after their team literally and deliberately tried to injure people to get wins, and it helped them get a Lombardi.

All of this is especially rich from a fanbase that blew whistles throughout the NFC Championship Game to confuse the Rams, not to mention the whole bounty thing. It’s ironic as hell that they think this Super Bowl deserves an asterisk.

They’ve created new logos for Super Bowl LIII

Speaking of, this is from The Advocate, an actual, real newspaper:

And fans aren’t done.

Well, we know how to make fun images, too.

They ruined “Old Town Road”

This song slaps, and they’ve destroyed it. Saints fans are officially out of control.