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Nominate your favorite forgotten Falcon and let’s re-live some Atlanta history

The offseason is the ideal time to excavate the past.

Tim Dwight #83

The offseason is long, so we often like to spend it talking about the Falcons’ past. This winter and spring, we’re going to profile some of the forgotten Falcons who should be a part of this team’s lore but have fallen into the memory hole for one reason or another.

Of course, to do that, we need your help.

What I’m looking for today is memories of some of your favorite Falcons who have been lost to the swirling mists of time. I’m not talking about Jessie Tuggle or Michael Turner or Andre Rison, legitimate greats who don’t come up all the time but are fondly and widely remembered. I’m talking more about your Rolland Lawrences (the all-time franchise leader in interceptions, but a curiously un-remembered player) and your Bert Emmanuels, players who made their mark on the Falcons but are largely un-remarked upon today.

Let’s get your list, as we’ll use it to build out this campaign in the coming weeks and months. We may even look for your contributions to them!