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Falcons K Matt Bryant now ranks 15th in NFL career scoring

Money is Money.

With seconds remaining, Falcons legendary kicker Matt Bryant kicked the game-winner on Sunday, giving the Falcons the 34-32 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

We sometimes take our kicking game for granted, as Bryant in his 8 years in Atlanta has an 86.2% field goal percentage. As a Falcon, the most field goals he’s missed in a season is 5. With the 10 points he scored on Sunday, “Money” has officially scored the 15th most points in NFL history, with 1,717 points. With 20 more points, Bryant can move into 13th all-time, which he can easily surpass in 2019.

Instead of worrying how much longer Matt Bryant will kick for us, let’s all instead take a moment to appreciate his greatness. He may have kicked for teams before us, but he will always be a Falcon.

We all have our own favorite “Money” moment. What’s yours?