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A Falcons fan’s petty rooting guide and our staff’s picks for the NFC and AFC Championship Games

Please just let us have a Rams vs. Chiefs Super Bowl. PLEASE.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend we’ll find out if our worst nightmare — a Patriots vs. Saints Super Bowl in Atlanta’s very own Mercedes-Benz Stadium — will come true.

Dave already gave you three compelling reasons to root for the Rams against the Saints, but I just need to give you one: Do it because they’re the Saints.

Imagine what Saints fans are going to be like if they win against the Patriots, of all teams, in the Falcons’ home stadium? They’re mostly insufferable now. That will give them unbearable hubris, and they will never let Falcons fans live it down. Ever.

And it’s only going to be slightly less awful if the Patriots win. On one hand, at least they aren’t the Saints. On the other hand, Super Bowl LI happened and I’m still sad about it.

I’m switching it up a bit this week. Instead of a traditional petty rooting guide, I’m ranking all four possible Super Bowl matchups. Let’s start with what is obviously the best case scenario.

Chiefs vs. Rams

These are two teams I have no strong emotional connection to one way or the other. The Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes have been fun as hell to watch this season. He is a revelation. The Rams are stacked with talent, and surely Georgia fans would be thrilled to see Todd Gurley running all over the Benz on Super Bowl Sunday. But most importantly, these teams are not the Patriots or the Saints, and that’s really what matters here.

Patriots vs. Rams

Nobody but Patriots fans want to see the Patriots in yet another Super Bowl, but Falcons fans know better than anyone how dangerous that team is in the postseason. If they have to make it, let’s hope they face the Rams.

Chiefs vs. Saints

If this happens, I hope Mahomes throws for 700 yards and 10 touchdowns and the defense shuts the Saints out entirely. I would also accept the Saints taking a 28-3 lead and then blowing it and losing to Kansas City. These are the only ways I could enjoy a Super Bowl with the Saints in it.

Patriots vs. Saints

I’ve already made my feelings about this one clear, so I’ll sum it up in gif form.


Perhaps it’s wishful thinking. But every single one of us — Kevin, DW, Carter, Dave, Adnan, Evan, Matt, Kyle, and yours truly — picked the Chiefs and the Rams. Fingers crossed.