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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Tuesday, Jan. 15

We’re about halfway through January, Falcons fans!

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Hello, frigid Atlanta Falcons fans near and far!

We here at The Falcoholic are keeping the open flame going for any and all who need something to warm them through these chilly days with no Falcons football.

The links keep coming, and we’ve got a batch hot and ready for you to enjoy.

To Koet or Not to Koet

One of our resident Xs and Os experts, Allen Strk, broke down the Dirk Koetter hire from his vantage, deliberating the pros and cons of the move.

We won’t spoil Allen’s analysis, but there are fair arguments on both sides of the conversation as to bringing Koetter back into the fold. Where do you fall? Well, maybe this piece will help you figure that out.

The Tight of All Ends

The Falcoholic’s 2018 positional reviews continue on, with head honcho Dave Choate fielding thoughts on Austin Hooper and the tight ends.

Hoop had a breakout year, so relive his progressions, as well as Logan Paulsen’s pleasantly-surprising season as the second fiddle and the curious case of Eric Saubert and other stories on the roster.

Dave also takes a look at the potential moves that could correspond with the position this offseason. Where is this group headed? Answers lie within.


We Schaub’ed, you decided!

A poll of Falcons fans revealed a decent amount are in favor of keeping Matt Schaub on the roster in 2019 to back up Matt Ryan. Where do you fall on the issue? Head on over to that thread and engage in the discussion.

Are you good with another year of Schaub? Someone else intrigue you? Comment away over yonder and have your say.

Checking in on Dontari Poe

Well, it doesn’t look like our old friend Dontari Pie had the year he hoped to have in Carolina.

That’s a harsh statistic, and might argue that Poe was not suited in Carolina’s scheme or just wasn’t a fit. He could be a cap cut if this holds in 2020, so you wonder if he’ll wind up back in Atlanta one of these days after playing well here in 2018. Though, we may have a new group leading things by then if things go to the wayside, to be fair.

So those are the links (and a bonus Tweet). Everyone go enjoy a cold one (unless you live in an area that lacks in winter), and we’ll see you throughout the day.