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A petty Falcons fan’s guide to the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs

TL, DR: Just root for any team that isn’t the Saints or the Patriots.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Can you imagine anything worse than having to watch the Saints hoist the Lombardi Trophy in our very own Mercedes Benz Stadium? Neither can I, though I will say that the thought of seeing the Patriots do it is nearly as traumatic.

That’s why the name of the game heading into the Divisional Round of the playoffs is rooting against the Saints and the Patriots. Nothing else matters. Just get those jokers all the way out of here this weekend so we can enjoy a Rams-Chiefs Super Bowl in peace.

Below is your rooting interests guide to this weekend’s games and our staff’s picks for the Divisional Round. Tell us your picks in the comments.

Colts vs. Chiefs

The Colts have been really damn good this year, but the Chiefs may have been my favorite team to watch in 2018. Patrick Mahomes is a revelation. The way he can throw on the run reminds me of Brett Favre when Favre wasn’t throwing game-breaking picks. While I’d be fine with either of these teams advancing, I do give an edge to the Chiefs at home, and I’d be glad to see them in the AFC Championship.

Staff picks:

Colts: Cory, Matt, Dave,
Chiefs: Evan, Carter, Kevin, Adnan, Jeanna

Cowboys vs. Rams

On one hand, the Cowboys did beat the Saints during the regular season and that was a lot of fun. But if they beat the Rams, could they pull that off a second time, this time in the Super Dome? Los Angeles did lose to the Saints in the regular season, but it’s hard to beat the same team twice. I’d feel more comfortable with the Rams marching into New Orleans in the conference championship (unless the Eagles do us all a solid this week and take care of business). I’ve got to go with the Rams here.

Staff picks:

Cowboys: Carter, Evan
Rams: Adnan, Kevin, Dave, Matt, Cory, Jeanna

Chargers vs. Patriots

The Chargers are tough, and the Patriots haven’t looked like the Patriots this year. But going into Gillette in January isn’t an easy task for any team. Realistically, I expect that the Patriots are going to win this one, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t root for the Chargers.

Staff picks:

Chargers: Evan, Matt, Carter, Dave, Kevin,
Patriots: Cory, Adnan, Jeanna

Eagles vs. Saints

Do I even need to explain this one? We need some of that Nick Foles postseason magic on Sunday. Fly, Eagles, fly.

Staff picks:

Eagles: Adnan, Kevin, Matt, Cory, Jeanna
Saints: Dave, Carter, Evan