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Best WR in the NFL Julio Jones says the Falcons don’t want Antonio Brown

Julio has spoken.

Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

TMZ caught up with Julio Jones (who was waiting on an Uber), and asked him if he’d like to see Antonio Brown join the Atlanta Falcons. Julio’s response?

“Nah man, we tight over here, we good over here.”

Brown and Jones have been wrestling for the crown of best wide receiver in the NFL for the past few years, and to potentially put both on the same roster would make a team’s passing attack unstoppable in theory.

Brown is coming off of a season where he led the league in touchdown receptions with 15, while Julio just secured the receiving yardage crown with 1677 yards.

There’s a reason why Brown is even available right now, however, and it’s because he’s in the middle of a mess which he helped create within the Steelers’ locker-room.

Brown reportedly threw a football at quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (whom he’s had qualms with in the past) and was a no-show at practice and team meetings ahead of the team’s pivotal Week 17 matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brown was benched for the game and watched his team miss out on the playoffs despite securing the victory without him.

Following this episode, the former sixth-round draft pick demanded a trade and entertained San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle on Twitter. He also liked this tweet by Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice:

Brown seems to be trying to visibly force his way out of Pittsburgh, and has reportedly ignored all calls from head coach Mike Tomlin and team owner Art Rooney II, who said that it “would be hard to envision” Brown as a Steeler in 2019.

Rooney also added that the massive $21 million dead cap hit on Brown’s contract (if traded or cut) won’t factor into the team’s decision in looking to move the four-time First-Team All-Pro selection.

Pittsburgh would likely demand a higher end draft pick, at least one in the second round, to headline a trade package for Antonio Brown. His cap hit increases from $7.99 million to $22.16 million this spring.

The Falcons, a team that needs to revamp its offensive line and upgrade its defense line, don’t seem to be a sensible destination for Brown given those stipulations. Not when the team already has three very good wide receivers already on the roster.

That hasn’t detracted a betting site from listing the Birds as the favorites to acquire Brown’s services:

There are too many moving parts for a Brown to Atlanta connection to happen, so I don’t understand why the Falcons are listed as favorites — it’s a pipe dream to say the least.

With the circus that Antonio Brown seems to have caused in Pittsburgh, this is a good time to express gratitude and appreciation for Julio Jones, who’s the best WR in the game but has stayed humble and avoided being an unnecessary distraction off the field.

I always link back to this video to remind myself just how lucky we are to have Julio Jones in the red and black.