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Steve Sarkisian receiving interest from Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions

The former Falcons offensive coordinator appears to have some demand across the league.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons cut loose offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian just over a week ago. After two shaky seasons and poor performances against playoff teams, it was about time for the Falcons to move on.

However, he’s in the mix for a rebuilding team in Arizona.

I don’t mind this decision at all. Kliff Kingsbury should be calling plays and could definitely rely on a former college coach with some pro experience. Additionally, Sarkisian has shown a lot of promise but is clearly not quite there yet. He should have a chance to grow with a young quarterback as opposed to replacing Kyle Shanahan.

The other team interested in Sarkisian? A team that is not rebuilding and does not have a young quarterback.

I hate this potential move. The Lions need their offense to bounce back in a big way and should be talking with someone with a little more success, like Todd Monken. Matt Patricia started his Lions coaching career with a rough start and I’m doubtful Sarkisian will help turn that around in 2019.

We wish Sarkisian good luck in his job search. Keith Armstrong signed with the Buccaneers on Wednesday. There have been no reports of potential interest in former defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel, but he could have interest if the Dolphins sign Kris Richards.