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Falcons make Kyle Flood game management coach, shuffle others; no more firings expected

The Falcons have promoted Kyle Flood to a senior assistant in charge of game and clock management and shuffled roles for coaches Dave Brock and Bernie Parmalee. Dan Quinn also announced that there are no more planned firings.

Maryland v Rutgers Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Dan Quinn announced several changes to the coaching staff on Thursday morning, and I think one in particular will be very popular with fans.

Flood has been with the Falcons since the 2017 season. He’s spent the last two years as an offensive line assistant working with Chris Morgan. Previously, he was the head coach at Rutgers from 2012-2015. One of Quinn’s biggest weaknesses since becoming a head coach was his lack of feel for game and clock management. Flood clearly has experience in these areas, so this move makes a ton of sense. Hopefully, this will lead to better in-game decision making and will allow Quinn more time to focus on calling the defense and motivating the team.

The Falcons also made a few more adjustments to the coaching staff. Dave Brock—who has also been with the Falcons since 2017—is transitioning from his role as an assistant wide receivers coach to an assistant running backs coach. Bernie Parmalee, who joined Atlanta in 2018, is transitioning from his position as the RBs coach to an assistant with the special teams under new coordinator Ben Kotwica.

Quinn also announced that he does not expect any more firings on the coaching staff. So we’re likely done with the removals—for now. I’d still expect the Falcons to fill out some of the vacancies they’ve created over the past week, and perhaps even add a few more coaches for good measure. There aren’t any limits to the number of coaches you can have on staff, and Quinn has always been a fan of keeping a relatively large staff.

Here’s to hoping that Flood, Brock, and Parmalee find success in their new roles.