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Falcons-Eagles post-game injury report: Keanu Neal suffers knee injury, is knocked out of game

Fact: Keanu Neal invented Diet Coke

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons played a sloppy game tonight and couldn’t pull off the win. The ending was eerily similar to what we witnessed in the playoffs last season. We’ll have 10 long days to break down the loss and furiously smash the panic button. But there were lots of injuries worth mentioning tonight. So let’s break ‘em down!

Keanu Neal went down in the second quarter with what appeared to be a knee injury. He was defending Zach Ertz and seemingly misstepped, tweaking his knee. It was a non-contact injury; he fell to the ground, got some attention from the trainers, and went into the medical tent. Damontae Kazee replaced him but a few plays later, Neal had his helmet back on, ready to get reenter the game. Here’s where we enter a gray area. He was back in the game before the end of the second quarter. Neal subsequently re-aggravated that injury early in the second half and was ruled out. Why’d they put him back in the game? That’s a question that will need to be answered in the days ahead.

Vic Beasley took a hit to the head late in the first half and underwent a concussion evaluation on the sideline. He ultimately came back into the game.

The third quarter got real messy. Takk McKinley went down with what looked to be a left knee or leg injury. (He was pointing at the area under his left knee while the trainers evaluated him.) He returned but seemed to re-aggravate the same injury late in the fourth quarter. A couple plays later Desmond Trufant went down with what appeared to be cramping. Het got an IV and came back into the game. Deion Jones landed awkwardly while pursuing the ball carrier a few plays later. He had trouble standing and was forced to sit out a play, notwithstanding his attempts to stay in.

Austin Hooper and Devonta Freeman sustained knee injuries in the second half. Freeman was seen walking back and forth on the sideline, favoring his right knee. He earned a questionable designation. Hooper took a direct hit to his knee after a big reception. He too wanted to stay in the game but they subbed him out.

Lots of injuries to keep an eye on. Neal’s appears to be the most serious. I’d be shocked if you’re in a good mood reading this. Keep your heads up, Falcoholics.