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Breaking: The NFL still doesn’t know what a catch is

They really don’t, as Julio Jones showed.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We’re midway through the third quarter, and a potentially game-changing play was just erased because the NFL still hasn’t decided what a catch is.

Julio Jones bobbled and then hauled in a long Matt Ryan ball near the sideline, which was ruled incomplete. Dan Quinn subsequently challenged that ruling, which after some deliberation was confirmed as called on the field.

Check the replay:

This has been a really ugly game so far, replete with injuries and sloppy execution, so one of the bright spots being rendered null due to the NFL’s complete confusion as to what constitutes a catch is borderline infuriating. Even the booth seemed confused by this one, given that Julio had the ball pinned against his shoulder as he slid toward the sideline. Considering both teams have had plenty of things to complain about in this one, maybe the officiating just isn’t good tonight.

The Falcons are dropping like flies, the Eagles just scored, and that ridiculous call looms large for Atlanta.