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Julio Jones historically eats the Eagles’ lunch

Even in a loss, this is a fortuitous matchup for Jet.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As the Falcons get ready to tussle with the Eagles to get the season started, a bit of opportune statistics have floated on down the river about one Julio Jones.

It appears as if Julio has blasted Philly’s secondary more than once.

That’s an alarming statistic if you’re an Eagles fan and the Jet is flying into Philadelphia International Airport, and an encouraging one if you’re worried about how Atlanta will fare against this Philly defense.

Jones didn’t get any run in the preseason and will be taking his first snaps for 2018 since that ill-fated playoff drive that ended with him slipping on a fade route on fourth down. No doubt Jones will want to come out swinging against a team he made a rare mistake against, and after an offseason where a simple raise request and holdout created a lot of controversy in Flowery Branch and around the fan base.

Simply put, Jones might want to put on a show tonight to silence the critics. If history holds, the league’s scheduled a perfect opponent for a big Jet show.

We’ll see how Julio performs Thursday night as the season gets underway at Philly, and if Jones can hit five-consecutive 100+ games in the streak against the team that bounced Atlanta in the winter’s playoffs.