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It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia: Falcons vs. Eagles may have downpours, lightning

The weather forecast suggests this game could get ugly.

Carolina Panthers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

You know game time is close when we start looking at weather, and oh man is game time close. We are mere hours away from kicking off another season. So why not start it off with some rain.

We aren’t meteorologists at the Falcoholic. In fact, none of us even finished high school, but we can definitely read the weather forecast. There’s an over 40 percent chance of rain right around kickoff, with that number dropping off farther into the game.

That feels very unofficial, so here’s word from a real meteorologist, Alex Sosnowski from Accuweather.

“There will be spotty thunderstorms in southeastern Pennsylvania Thursday evening,” Sosnowski said.

”It is possible that one of these storms wanders close enough to Lincoln Financial Field to have some impact in terms of lightning and a downpour.”

If there’s lightning, the game will certainly be delayed. Nothing like starting out the season with a game delay. Announcers usually run out of anything interesting to say at least two hours before kickoff, so make sure you have enough booze to get through it.

If Philadelphia is on the receiving end of a downpour, it should tilt the game a bit towards the Eagles. Preseason suggests Nick Foles has returned to being Nick Foles, and the team is both short Alshon Jeffery and his backup. The expectation was the Eagles would play conservative, we’d see multiple tight end sets, and Jay Ajayi frequently. The rain would limit passing for both teams, a definite plus for the Eagles.

We will update with any new weather, but lets hope any rain is short lived.