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Great things which aren’t as good as the Falcons’ new season

This is a positive article.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rejoice, my friends who are just as in love with the sport of football as I am! Football season is finally upon us once again.

We’ve had to bear through the famine of the NFL dead period in between the April draft and late-July training camp. We’ve sat through the Georgia heat and humidity in the middle of that training camp to watch the team practice, because that was the first taste of football we had since the brisk days of January.

When the preseason rolled around, we all pretended to be happy about it, but let’s face it — the preseason sucks. It’s football that doesn’t matter, where more bad can happen than good because of injuries. Dan Quinn realizes this, and that’s why we didn’t see Devonta Freeman or Julio Jones at all this preseason.

But now, all of that is finally behind us. We’ve made it to the light at the end of the tunnel, and our reward is that we get to be accompanied by the game of football for the next 17+ Sunday afternoons. The Atlanta Falcons start to play meaningful football this Thursday, Sept. 6, against the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Back in May, I wrote out a list of sucky things better than the NFL dead period. Today, I’ll present you with something a bit more positive — a list of great things that aren’t quite as good as the NFL season. Let’s just call it a sequel.

  • Autumn weather when the humidity goes away and the days become a bit cooler
  • Getting to go home from work early on a Friday
  • Three-day weekends
  • Having a song stuck in your head forever and then finally remembering what it is
  • Baseball season
  • Basketball season
  • The 2016 Atlanta Falcons offense
  • The 2017 Atlanta Falcons defense
  • The smell of freshly cut grass
  • When you’re a kid and you finally get that update on the news that your school is closing down the next day because of snow (I know, that’s more of a southern thing)
  • A fresh chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A in the morning
  • When you’re falling asleep and someone throws a blanket around you
  • A deep-tissue massage
  • A cold drink on a hot summer day
  • Those first few seconds of bliss and excitement after your song comes on in the car and you just realized that it came on.
  • Jamming out to a song on full blast in the car with the squad
  • Eating Doritos while watching the Super Bowl
  • Seasons 4-9 of “The Simpsons”
  • Being in line and thinking that you’re about to wait for a long time and then it starts moving quickly
  • Lemon pepper wings
  • Finding out someone has gum when you really need some
  • A sweet gym pump right before going out
  • Playing with your dog or cat (we love both around here)
  • Shutting someone up in an online argument when they disrespect Matt Ryan
  • Having unwanted plans with someone and them canceling before you do
  • A full tank of gas
  • Fresh morning coffee
  • Wearing a comfortable sweater or hoodie on a cold day
  • Really needing a writing utensil and then randomly finding a pencil/pen on the ground (note: This never happens. You only find that pen/pencil when you don’t really need it)
  • Having an exhausting day and instantly falling asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow in bed
  • When your birthday comes and you wake up to a bunch of “Happy Birthday!” texts from your friends, family and loved ones
  • When your phone is fully charged
  • Buying something from the vending machine and unexpectedly getting two things for the price of one
  • Finding a $20 bill in your jeans
  • Getting to a packed parking lot right as a car is leaving and vacating a solitary parking spot
  • The feeling of confidence after a fresh haircut

We’ve finally made it, my friends. Let’s now enjoy this wonderful time from September through January because it always flies by way too quickly. I hope your days in football season are blissful, and that the Falcons have a wonderful season where they make all of us proud.

What are some great things which you feel aren’t as good as football season?