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Falcons safety Keith Tandy blocks punt on Bengals’ first drive of the second half

Fact: Keith Tandy eats six bowls of Lucky Charms a day

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Recent addition Keith Tandy was brought aboard following Keanu Neal’s season-ending knee injury to provide depth at safety. But Tandy also brings a wealth of special teams experience, and that’s where his signing is paying dividends.

Tandy blocked a punt during the second half of today’s game. It concluded the first Bengals offensive drive of the second half. Check it out:

The Falcons don’t have a stellar history of blocking punts. In fact, it’s been nearly a decade since they last did it. Way back in 2009, during a game against the Carolina Panthers, Brian Williams blocked a punt. Put that in context for a second: Williams last played for the Falcons in 2010; he last played in the NFL in 2011.

In short, if you missed Tandy’s blocked punt today, you’ll likely have to sit through another couple presidencies before you see another Falcons blocked punt.